Lastovo Carnival

Lastovo Carnival Poklad is based on the traditional story that celebrates successful event in Lastovo’s history when pirates wanted to attack the Island. They sent a messenger to Lastovo, with a request to surrender. Instead, Lastovo people took weapons and decided to fight. Women and children went to Saint George church where they prayed for help. The help came indeed. An unusually strong storm suddenly struck and destroyed the pirate’s fleet and Lastovo’s people ware left unharmed. Lastovo’s Poklad Carnival is local celebration that celebrates survival of Lastovo. The Poklad puppet (above image) ritually slides 3 times down the 300 meters long rope with fireworks and noisy cheers from the crowd. This carnival event takes stage in Lastovo every winter on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and is very popular event among locals as well as their visitors.

Summer events

Summer events on Lastovo are being organized from June until the end of September. Municipality of Lastovo together with Tourist Board and various associations and private persons organize various concerts,plays,degustations,sport events…

Day of Lastovo’s Municipality

Every year on 26.september Lastovo is celebrating it’s patrons day – St.Kozma and Damian. Accrding to the legend st.Kozma and Damian were twin brothers, arabic origin. They lived in Azia near Aegean sea. They were doctors who treated ill people for free. According to the old tradition until St.Kozma and Damian all the grapes should be harvested and putted into the barrels.